• Some people say that what books you read from childhood will shape what kind of Three Outlooks.
    I think he was right.
    I like to read all kinds of love novels since I was a child. I like the desperate love in them. But growing up, I found that love in books may not exist in real life.
    No matter what is reckless, even if you can give up life for you, you will never be able to endure firewood, rice, oil and salt.
    As a friend of the tree hole, I heard too many love stories.
    A and B opened and closed three times. They separated for several months and spent time with others, but later they got back together again. They always quarrel, and still quarrel for the same thing. I don't know what the meaning of such quarrel is, or what they mean. My friend told me that he didn't love him anymore, but he couldn't live without him.
    I know it's a habit, but what's the point of love without love?
    C and D are known by playing games. Long distance love. There was also the experience of conquering time and space and taking a train. But neither of them is willing to leave the place where they live and go to the other's city, so they are stuck. At the beginning of this year, they broke up.
    Are not willing to pay the love, behind how much security?
    E and F are high school students. He is willing to go to his school for his postgraduate entrance examination. Once upon a time, a person in a state of death suddenly changed. Do a part-time job to earn online class fees, study hard, just to get to where he is. But before the postgraduate entrance examination, they broke up after a word of discord. E wants to save F, but f says, "we are unmarried people. My mother wants me to settle down earlier." In this way, there is no postgraduate entrance examination.
    I can give up the whole world for you, but do you have a heart to heart relationship?
    G and H are introduced by friends. They get along very well. Three months to see parents, eight months to propose, now preparing for the wedding. Once g was a "vain man", he said that even if he picked up rubbish, he would go to Shanghai! But now, two people in one side of the home to do easy money less work, and even alienated friends around. They are getting married, but they can't support themselves at all.
    Is it true that love is so depraved and lost?
    Too many, too many love stories, one by one. They do have the love and happy time in the novel, but after the passion, it is really cold reality.
    Love dominated by reality, mixed with blood and water, is turbid, but the Wei path is clear!
    Even if I know that love in real life is far from ideal, I don't know whether there will be ideal love, but I still hope that pure feelings without any impurities, on the way to wait for it, I will become another qualified person in that feelings!
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