• A friend said that most people are living at a fast pace, and fewer and fewer people are really reading. Most people read books for short-term purposes, and lost the value of real reading.
    I just started reading. Now let's talk about my reading thoughts and feelings in recent period.

    In general, I read a lot of books, but I also have my own favorite categories, such as mind, philosophy, mind science, psychology, religious psychology, theology, quantum physics, prose, poetry, literary classics, biography, art. Recently, with the growth of age, I began to study history, the collection value of goods and so on. Speaking of the beginning of reading, from the curiosity of the outside world in his youth, a count of Monte Cristo opened the door of literature, and from then on he fell into foreign literature irremediably. Really let oneself completely open, and gradually into a better situation, to gradually read down from the age of 25, the philosophy of mind books. Hundreds of books have been thrown down, and the world has been opened again. The reason to read these books is curiosity, a curiosity to understand the world, to explore the mind, and to understand the things around you.

    Although my reading speed is not fast, I can read every day, and gradually I can reach the volume of one book per day. Every time I go on a business trip or travel, I always carry books 1.5 times of the expected travel days. If the travel time is a little longer, the books I carry will be a bit "cumbersome", but I will not be happier if others are worried.

    A friend reminded me not to exaggerate the effect of reading. Yes, reading is not omnipotent, but is it omnipotent without reading? Obviously not. Think about it. Before I find a better way to improve myself, I'd better read.
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