• Life will always let someone down, after all, not everyone is God's blessing.
    Some people are unemployed after graduation, some white headed people send black haired people, some people are ridiculed for not having a complete body Many misfortunes will bring us down, but are we willing to fall like this?
    No, even though the end of the world, I believe there will be a place for us. In fact, most of the time, it's not others who knock us down, it's ourselves, because we can't think about things in other places, ignore what happened, and forget some moments in the past.
    Based on the weakness of human nature, we could have no confidence in ourselves, feel anxious and despair. But I want to say that sometimes, as long as we pass the barrier in our hearts, everything can really become a floating cloud.
    Life is not easy, but as long as you are still alive, as long as you feel that life is not too bad, there is a reason to continue. To be honest, I don't look down on people who are getting depressed for their lovelorn and I don't look up to people who lose the idea of reviving things for business failure. In my opinion, these people are those who give up themselves. They are not worthy of pity, they will eventually become the cancer of society, harm themselves and even others.
    We can relax. As long as the faith is still there, don't be afraid of no way to go. The road is at your feet. Don't believe others' taunts. They are weapons to defeat you and keep for yourself.
    Life is not easy, I have always said that you can't live this life in an ordinary way. In the same way, you won't be willing to do that. Then, don't pay too much attention to other people's opinions. If you have something to change, don't be discouraged. It's a song of the past. It's very reasonable.
    And never give up reading, there are many things in the book that you can't get in sociology, and you can only sublimate yourself and make yourself different by reading all the time. Keep reading and you will find yourself getting better.
    Some people live the life they want, some people are enjoying life, what's the reason for you not to stick to it, not to work hard? Believe in your potential and be your superhero.
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