• The meat ball is too fast, and because it is red, it is very conspicuous in the sun. At this moment, there is a strong wind in the gallop. In the roar, it directly surpasses all the people of the martial arts department and goes straight to the distance The teachers of the war and martial arts department were stunned, and the other students were also stunned. The neat and powerful slogans were in disorder.

    "what is that?" "Is it a new invented balloon..."

    all the students in the Department of war and martial arts opened their mouths in surprise. Even the teachers in the Department of war and martial arts hesitated for a moment, showing their doubts. Only when they saw that all the students seemed to slip away, he suddenly stared.

    "what are you looking at? Don't run fast!" With his big drink, the students took back their eyes one after another, and continued to run with deep hesitation. Slowly the hesitation dissipated, and they could hear the roar of their war and martial arts department from afar, reverberating in all directions. At the moment, Wang Baole doesn't pay attention to the surroundings at all. His whole body is sweaty and his brain is full of weight loss. It's like a group of fat grandfathers are chasing after him. Run slowly and get together In the past two hours, it's already afternoon. On the seashore of the Commons Island, the students of the war and martial arts department are very tired. They can still run under the teacher's encouragement and reprimand, and the slogans are incessant.

    "invincible in war!"

    "war and martial arts..." However, their slogans were not finished at this moment. Suddenly, from behind them, there were footsteps again. They were tired. Once again, they saw a huge red meatball flying past them. This time, it seemed that the speed was faster. The sand was lifted and splashed all over them. It's the balloon again!! It seems a little smaller... "

    "what hot air balloon, that is a person, God, did he run a circle!!" All of a sudden, the whole war and martial arts department was shocked. The noise broke out in a flash. All they saw at the moment was the red meatball that was flying away. At the moment, the martial arts teacher beside took a breath and rubbed his eyes. It seemed that he couldn't believe it. He hesitated to see the students talking. He quickly reprimanded them again and continued running. Soon after, he saw that the students were very tired. He let them sit on the ground and rest. As for himself, he was sitting aside, thinking about the red meatball, and the students were discussing with each other.

    "is that really a person?" ()
    "God, how did he run, too fast..." "No, his clothes are familiar..." During the discussion, Chen Ziheng looked puzzled. He felt that the red figure was familiar to him, but he could not remember it for a while. Now he rubbed his eyebrows and thought hard. However, Chen Ziheng didn't think of the familiar reason until they started running again after their break. But soon after they started running, suddenly behind them, the rumbling sound came again.

    this time, everyone, including the teacher, turned around and looked quickly. What they saw in their eyes was the red meat ball that had been seen twice. It came roaring, raised a strong wind, and flew past them again This time, the meatball is obviously smaller. It can be sure that it's really a person. At the same time, they hear the whine from the meatball. It seems that it's a person's unintentional roar after being crazy to the extreme. Under the stupefaction of all the people in the martial arts department, the meatball goes away "Wang Baole!!" Chen Ziheng finally recognized the identity of the meatball. He lost his voice and exclaimed. Even many people around him faintly recognized it now. After hearing Chen Ziheng's voice, they almost jumped up. "It's really Wang Baole!" I was wondering just now how familiar the clothes are. That's the special learning gown. It's Wang Baole. How can he become so fat The noise is much stronger than before. It's really the identity of the meatball. It's too exciting for all the students of the war and martial arts department. After all Wang Baole is one of the weak chickens in the French army. Even the teacher of the martial arts department took a breath at the moment. He was full of embarrassment. He felt an indescribable anger and suddenly burst out. He suddenly looked at the noisy students around him. "
    "you are a group of rubbish!"

    "look, you can't even compare with the French department. Do you dare to say that you are from the war department? Our war speed is the first, fist is the first, body is invincible!"

    "listen to me, you punks. Today's training will be doubled, no more than Wang Baole. Don't sleep today, run for me!" When the teachers of the war and martial arts department roared, all the students were angry. In their opinion, the fat man must have had a rest in the middle and not run in a big circle, but he took a short cut to provoke. How can they bear this kind of behavior? Especially Zhuo Yifan and Chen Ziheng, although they didn't talk, they looked at each other and were not convinced. They were fighting against each other. But now, Wang Baole appears, which makes them seem to see the direction and work together.

    so all the people in the martial arts department are angry and full of fighting spirit at the moment. They have decided to let Wang Baole know that their martial arts department is the first speed! It's getting late. In the dusk, with the rumbling footsteps, when Wang Baole reappeared, he was immersed in a crazy state and vowed to lose weight. He didn't feel the anger of the martial arts department at all. After running again, he didn't look at his own back. At the moment, all the students of the martial arts department were roaring and all their strength broke out towards him I'm running after you. "Wang Baole, you're going to lose!" "

    " Wang Baole, you dare to compete with our Martial Arts Department to run, let you know how powerful! " People in the war and martial arts department were all red eyed and running fast. For a while, seeing from a distance, this group of people became a long line. The sound of shouting spread, which was very spectacular and even attracted the attention of other departments. It's just slowly, after a circle, the moon hangs high, the sound of exhaling is replaced by heavy breathing, and the students of the war and martial arts department are desperate one by one.

    "is this guy still human How can he run like this! " "Is he a fierce beast?" People are sad and angry, their steps are getting slower and slower, their bodies are shaking, especially their legs are soft, and there are fewer and fewer people following Wang Baole. Only three or five people are still reluctant to follow, and finally only Chen Ziheng and Zhuo Yifan are still biting their teeth. However, even they have reached the extreme. Chen Ziheng has used the cultivation of body sealing, but he is still far away from Wang Baole. After another circle, he falls on the ground breathlessly, looking at the sky that is about to be bright, and becomes angry.

    "is he from the martial arts department or am I from the martial arts department?" The last one is Zhuo Yifan. Even if he doesn't want to, even if his eyes are red like blood, even if he is crazy, he still follows him for half a circle. In the morning of the next day, his feet are soft and limp.

    "we are in the war and martial arts department. We can't let the weak weapon refiners in the law and martial arts department compare with each other. Zhuo Yifan, you can break out again and surpass him!" The martial arts teacher who always accompanies him is also very tired, but now his depression is still hard to vent. Looking at Wang Baole's seemingly indefatigable figure in the distance, he can't help roaring. "Teacher, I really can't......" If Zhuo Yifan wants to struggle, he can see Wang Baole's still rapid figure, and his heart appears unprecedented frustration, and he laughs bitterly. The teacher of the war and military department opened his mouth again and found that his mouth was full of bitterness. He thought that the law and military department was not always fragile. How could such a abnormal thing happen

    "shame!" The teacher of Zhan Wu Department was indignant. In the following days, he and his students could see Wang Baole running by almost every day. It seems that Wang Baole never stopped The experience, let alone those students, even he was hit by the frustration. At the end, he simply gave up running around the island with the students of the war and martial arts department.

    "if you can't see, you can't be bothered. That's a perversion!" The teacher of the Department sighed, and the students came to another venue with a sigh of relief. He intended to let these students get familiar with the equipment and carry out strength training. For the arrangement of the teacher, even Zhuo Yifan feels extremely wise. It's really his blow these days, which is the strongest in his life. At the moment, after running for a week, Wang Baole finally lost a lot of weight. In addition to his excitement, he still had some regrets. It seems that he could see some runners like himself a few days ago in his memory, but gradually all of them disappeared.

    "persistence is a quality." Wang Baole found that his body was obviously stronger than before, as if it was not far from Qi and blood. This feeling was very strong. In fact, during the previous week's running, he had found that he was almost not tired, as if he could use endless power. In this surprise, Wang Baole ran for a few more days, and finally found that running didn't seem to work. When he was bored, he accidentally passed a training ground, and saw all the people in the martial arts department who were practicing weight lifting and strength and endurance training in that field. When he saw those people sweating, his eyes lit up and he trotted all the way. Teacher, my name is Wang Baole. Can I come to practice, too Wang Baole hurriedly opened his mouth, with longing and expectation in his eyes. The appearance of him made the venue which was originally a place with a little whistling sound suddenly dead All the students of the war and martial arts department looked at Wang Baole in a red robe in a flash.

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