• Taixu qiqijue is similar to yangqijue, but its principle is quite different. The key of Nourishing Qi is to guide the spirit Qi between heaven and earth into the body. Because the body has invisible empty tricks, it can not retain the spirit Qi. However, it can also lead the spirit Qi into the blank stone with the body as the medium, so as to form the spirit stone. In this process, it can imperceptibly improve the body. However, the Qi phagocytosis formula of Taixu seems to form a black hole in the body, which makes the whole body full of strong and extreme suction, just like swallowing the spirit between the heaven and the earth. Even though there are countless empty orifices in the human body, it can't retain the spirit, but under this suction, it surpasses the speed of dispersion. At the same time, it is precisely because of this high degree of cohesion that the spirit can be condensed out in the hands without the need for a blank spirit stone Lingshi! In this way, the purity is much higher than that of others. After all, the most difficult point for the purity of the spirit stone is how to remove the impurities contained in the blank spirit stone itself. In today's Federation, some people have put forward similar concepts, but no one can do them. They only exist in imagination, but now In front of Wang Baole, this code of "too empty to swallow Qi" perfectly solved everything. It seems that the power of sucking Qi will grow from small to large and become more and more strong when practicing this formula of "too empty and eating Qi" Wang Baole left his dream in excitement and sat in the cave with his knees crossed. His eyes were shining. He felt that xueshou was waving to him. He was more excited and forgot everything. He closed his eyes and immersed himself in the study and cultivation of the Qi formula of Taixu. He has several years of cultivation formula. He is not unfamiliar with guiding spirit. At this moment, with meditation, he immediately sensed the boundless spirit in the surrounding world. However, the formula seems simple, but there are still many difficulties in practice. Wang Baole stumbled at the beginning, and many times the spirit Qi was absorbed, but it can't be compared with the speed of dissipation. But his character is that once he has a goal, he can form obsession, just like in the dream assessment, he can try his best to add points regardless of the sharp pain.

    "according to the formula of Qi eating, we should first form a phage in the body, make it a part of the body, and then we can press the speed of dissipation..." At this moment, Wang Baole broke out his persistent personality again. In the next half a month, he didn't go to class again, even if he had a meal, he left in a hurry. After returning quickly, he fell into research and practice. At the same time, there is a pond on the top of the Zhangyuan peak, which is located in the mountain of the lower house. Outside a hut beside the pond, the old doctor is sitting there fishing. The gentle wind shakes the weeping willows around and reflects them in the pond. The only one standing next to the old doctor is the assistant hospital in charge. The middle-aged man in black is sweating on his forehead. He is very uneasy. For a long time, he takes a deep breath and bows to the hospital. "Zhang Yuan, I'm wrong." It seems that the old doctor didn't hear it, but he still fished. After a while, the vice president hospital wiped the sweat on his forehead, and his attitude was more respectful. He spoke in a low voice again.

    "I know that Wang Baole incident can be used as a positive example and model, which makes the students more centripetal to the Daoist school, but I chose another way, even instructed the teachers of Dandao department to point out cheating." After he finished, he found that the old doctor's face was still unchanged, and the sweat in the assistant hospital was more, and he spoke in a low voice again.

    "my subordinates are even more wrong because they should not covet the special places of the law and military department, and they have moved their selfishness to try to drive Wang Baole out of the Taoist school Even guided the mentality of other teachers... " Vice Zhang Yuan wiped his sweat again. His heart was bitter. It was really his judgment error. He thought it was because Zhang Yuan was dissatisfied with Wang Baole, so he took advantage of this opportunity, on the one hand, to punish and on the other hand, to seek benefits for himself. It's unexpected that Wang Baole can turn the tables at last. He understands that on the one hand, Wang Baole's words and, more importantly, his attitude towards the hospital. It was not until this moment that the old doctor raised his head and gave a light look at the hospital.

    "now that you know it's wrong, go on."

    the vice president of Zhang Yuan is relieved. He has been following Zhang Yuan for many years, knowing that the other side can talk like this, which means that this matter has been solved in half. At this moment, he bowed respectfully, and then left. Until he went far, he thought of Wang Baole, and his eyes were cold, but he knew that he could not do it in a short time, and such a small person, even if he had some means, did not pay attention to it. However, what he didn't know was that after he left, there appeared an old man beside the old doctor, who looked like a servant, bent down and stood behind the old doctor.

    "Zhang Yuan Gao Ming, by this matter quietly, beat Gao Quan of the vice Zhang Yuan. He wanted to come here, but he could restrain a lot, but he confessed a lot, but he didn't admit the most wrong thing, that is, he stretched his hand too long."

    "in addition, my subordinates also found out that this incident was the leader of Lingbi school in the French military department, who manipulated the public opinion secretly. At the same time, there was a deep contact with this son in the vice leader's school. The special recruitment quota of the French military department was also the request of the leader of Lingbi school, which seemed to have the guidance of his father behind it." The old man chuckled.

    "is the father of Lingbei school first The great man, one of the seventeen members of the Commonwealth, will not use such crude means. Let's call it a day. " The old doctor laughed, with a touch of sarcasm in his eyes. "

    " if he is a member of Parliament, I can have a high look at him, but I can climb his son. This is a high level, but I have no brain after all. "

    "Zhang Yuan, why not..." The old man around the old doctor hesitated for a moment.

    "not yet..." In the eyes of the old doctor, there are profound characters who are hard to set up and attract hatred. They are of great value that outsiders will not understand.

    "there will always be someone who can't help but move Gao Quan. However, if you move him, you have to come to me for some exchange." The old doctor smiled and whispered. In Wang Baole's practice, three months passed. In three months, due to Wang Baole's in-depth and concise presentation, the discussion about him in the Department of French army has been too weak, and because of the heavy academic load, gradually everyone no longer pays attention to him. In a sense, Wang Baole has achieved the low profile he wanted at the beginning Finally, three months later, Wang Baole's body reluctantly formed a black hole that he could feel.

    feeling the suction released from the body, Wang Baole cheerfully wiped his sweat, only felt that he was a step closer to success, and hurriedly practiced again.

    with the bite, the spirit in the cave is like flowing water. It is slowly changed and goes straight to Wang Baole. Gradually, not only in the cave, but also outside the cave. In the end, his aura seems to be shaken, forming an invisible vortex. In the center of the vortex, it's in Wang Baole's body Black holes devour species. A large number of Reiki are absorbed and eaten, which finally surpasses the natural flow of his body, making Reiki start to gather and accumulate, and then bring an indescribable sense of comfort. It's like there are countless small hands massaging all over the body. Fortunately, although Wang Baole is immersed, he still knows what he wants to do, gradually raises his right hand, and uses the skill of Qi breathing formula to gather spirit Stone. It's just that here, another difficulty of the formula of "too empty to eat Qi" appears. Although the rich Reiki can be gathered together, if you don't pay attention to it a little bit, you will fail. In case of failure, a large number of spirit Qi will spread and be absorbed into Wang Baole's body at full speed, and accumulate again. I don't believe it Wang Baole is crazy. The expectation that he can succeed at seeing makes him more persistent. He buys a large number of food directly at one time, most of which are snacks. He doesn't leave the cave like a closed door. Eating, drinking and Lazar are all solved at home and thoroughly immersed in cultivation. Gradually, he didn't find out by himself that his original round body was more round The meat is getting thicker What's striking is that his flesh is full of luster. Although it's not crystal clear, it's also very delicate. Now his body flesh is unusual, but it is the accumulation of Reiki, resulting in the formation of Reiki. After all, fat is the transformation of the body's extra energy. Now, Wang Baole's Reiki has already surpassed the ordinary people, and under the failure of this continuous sucking and refining of Reiki stone, it can't help but more and more. Fortunately, the special learning robe he wears is of special material and has great elasticity. Even at this moment, it still doesn't burst. As for Wang Baole, his face has changed shape, shiny, and his eyes look smaller and smaller

    in this way, unconsciously, another month passed. Although Wang Baole also found his own weight on the way, he devoted all his mind to the alchemy stone and ignored it directly. Finally On this day, Wang Baole was excited to see a diamond spirit stone in the palm of his hand. After testing its purity, he looked up and laughed.

    "it's a success, ha ha, I'm a success at last!"

    "not 50% purity, but 70.5%!" Wang Baole is very excited and excited. It's true that for many years in Phoenix, he could only refine spirit stones with a purity of more than 50%, but now he can refine 70% of them. It's only over 70% of the spirit stones that apply for the examination in Bailu Taoist school, the first federal Taoist school.

    satisfied, Wang Baole only felt that he was very powerful now. He was about to get up and walk for a few circles to vent his excitement. But he just wanted to stand up, but almost didn't get up, which made him stupefied. When he looked down, he saw that his body was nearly twice as fat as half a year ago, especially the red special skill Taoist robe, which had been propped up and deformed, revealing his body's flesh and soul ... He breathed slowly, his eyes widened.

    "this This... " Wang Baole wailed. Without the persistence of immersing himself in the spirit refining stone, he immediately realized that he was now in great trouble.

    "my God, I just didn't pay attention. Why Why is that so! " Wang Baole trembled, and his mind suddenly came up with the genealogy he had seen. He was immediately nervous and scared. He quickly stretched out his thick fingers, and began to cry without tears. After half a day's calculation, he found that no matter how he counted it, according to the age of those fat grandfathers who died in the genealogy, he was here It seems that he can't live long, which makes him really
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