• In Lingshi school, Zou Yunhai's voice was as calm as ever, as if he was not teaching the students, but expressing his understanding of French soldiers. Every casual sentence makes people feel like they are in the middle of a rush. It's just this kind of concentrated attention. For those students who have just entered the Taoist school, they are overloaded. They can only record it first. At the end of the day, when even the records couldn't follow, many students began to talk in a low voice, so as to relax. Wang Baole has understood why there are only three schools in the law and Army Department. It's really just a school that teaches the skills of practicing Lingshi. It's not a school that can pass through a few lectures. When he was a little tired at the moment, Liu Daobin beside him finally came back to his mind. When he looked at Wang Baole, he could not help but whisper. "Wang Baole, you have a lot of trouble this time. I heard that many teachers have proposed to expel you..." His eyes were full of sympathy, but when he saw Wang Baole's bag, his face twitched.

    "which teacher said it!" Wang Baole was a little angry. Although he had a decision and preparation in his heart, he still suffered. Liu Daobin patted Wang Baole on the shoulder, sighed at the bottom of his heart, reminded himself that he was going to comfort him when he wanted to take this as a reference, but at this time, suddenly, two people walked into the gate of the school. The two are obviously old students, wearing black Taoist robes different from those of other students. They look solemn. As soon as they appear, they immediately arouse the vigilance and attention of all old students in the school. "

    " what's the matter? Everyone from the Discipline Department has come! " It's actually them, but wherever they appear, it's bloody

    even if the freshmen don't know the identity of the two, they can listen to the comments of the old students and see the solemnity of the two people, and they all understand it. >

    Wang Baole's heart leaped and there was something wrong. When Zou Yunhai frowned and looked at the two students in black robes, they respectfully punched Zou Yunhai and handed him a jade slip. Zou Yunhai frowned, looked up at the students and finally fell on Wang Baole. After he saw it, all the students in the school looked at it together. They had different looks and had answers one after another. Knowing Wang Baole's story, they finally attracted the attention of the lower house, which was to be dealt with. Although Wang Baole had some strategies in mind, he was still nervous at this scene, especially when those two black robed students looked at him with sharp eyes, which was obviously not good. >

    "Wang Baole, come here." One of the two members of the Department of discipline of the Academy spoke coldly. However, before Wang Baole gets up, Zou Yunhai snorts.

    "that's enough. Let's talk about everything after class. Now you go out." The students in the Discipline Department of the two academies were shocked by the words. They did not dare to offend the teacher. They bowed their heads and said that they had retreated to the gate of the school. While waiting there, Zou didn't pay any more attention to them. They were still in class. A
    Wang Baole breathed a sigh of relief. When he looked at Zou Yunhai, he was also grateful. Although he had the corresponding method, he had more time, which was good in the end, which could make his thoughts more perfect and clear. Now, he closed his eyes and let himself calm down. In the course after

    many students gloat, but this is not all. Most students still think it's none of their business and still take notes. Liu Daobin sighs in his heart and doesn't know how to comfort Wang Baole. He knows that once Wang Baole is dismissed, he and others will be in two worlds. Even if they meet one day in the future, they will be very sad. In this emotion, time goes by. Two hours later, when Zou Yunhai finished the lecture, after leaving, all the students looked at Wang Baole instantly. The black robes of the Discipline Department of the two academies, lengli's eyes also fell on Wang Baole. "Do you want us to invite you, Wang Baole?" It was Wang Baole who opened his eyes and looked calm, which was different from what he used to feel. He went on without saying a word and left the school with the elders of the discipline departments of the two academies. With his departure, there was a buzzing discussion in the school. "Is Wang Baole really going to be fired?"

    "it's still fake. Haven't you seen all the members of the discipline department come? I haven't seen one who can be ok if it's taken away by them!" In this discussion, there are many people running out and following them to see the whole process. After all, this matter is greatly influenced by Wang Baole's special recruitment status. It's not only the FA Bing Department that has paid attention to it, but also other students of the Department have paid attention to it after they heard that Wang Baole was taken away. However, Wang Baole didn't pay attention to the following people. He looked as calm as ever, and went straight to the top of the FA Bing Department with the heads of the Discipline Department of the two academies in front of him. The two elders walking in front sneer at each other. They have taken a lot of people away in recent years, such as Wang Baole. But in their opinion, when Wang Baole comes out in a while, if he can do so, he will be called a god man. There were no words all the way, but more and more people followed them. Until they reached the top of the mountain in front of the hall, the elders of the Discipline Department of the two academies stopped, backed up on both sides, and signaled Wang Baole to go in.

    looking at the closed door of the main hall, Wang Baole took a deep breath and said that it was impossible to be nervous, but he understood that he had to go through the closing. With a firm bite of his teeth, he went straight to open the door of the main hall and stepped into it. As soon as Wang Baole entered the hall, he immediately noticed that there were dozens of glances, which immediately fell on him. In front of him, there were dozens of teachers sitting in the hall, including middle-aged and old people, all of them were solemn and some of them were sad. A
    among them, Dr. Lu Lao and goatee are also impressive. Compared with the calm of the old doctor, goatee is more complex and more intolerable. In the middle of them, it was the director who presided over the investigation. That was a thin middle-aged man. He was wearing a black Taoist robe, with bright eyes, thin lips, and cold air all over his body, which made the temperature of the hall seem to be lower than that of the outside. These people are not all teachers of FA Bing Department, but because Wang Baole is a special recruit of FA Bing Department, they chose to investigate Wang Baole's cheating in FA Bing Feng.

    "Wang Baole!" Seeing Wang Baole come in, the black supervisor's voice was cold, and he spoke slowly.

    "disciple in!" Wang Baole took a deep breath, went forward to hold his fist and said in a deep voice.

    "after investigation, you do have serious and bad cheating in the district assessment. According to the regulations of the Institute, you should be dismissed immediately. Because you are a special student, you are called to attend!" The middle-aged man in Black said that he didn't give Wang Baole a chance to explain. He turned to look around. "

    " you are all the same. Now we can start to punish Wang Baole. I suggest that we take back the special permission, expel the student status, and inform the four Taoist schools that we will never employ! " It's a firm statement. It's extremely cold. Wang Baole's face changed when he echoed in the hall. He said that he and this man had met for the first time, and there was no hatred for each other. But it's too vicious. This is to cut off his own future. After a brief silence in the hall, there was a teacher's voice.

    "you should be expelled from the school. Such a despicable person is not qualified to enter the Taoist school!" "That's right, I also suggest dismissal!"

    "although the punishment is some serious, if not severely punished, it is irresponsible to the federal government to allow such behavior!" One after another, some teachers said their own judgment. For them, Wang Baole is a dispensable little man. Since the middle age of black clothes has set the tone, they don't have to refute anything. Listen to the teacher's words, Wang Baole breathed gently, motionless, as if the whole person had been sluggish, but his hands had been clenched until he reached the goatee, and now he sighed.

    "special moves can be taken back, who can make no mistake, there is no need to punish so badly." It's just the saying of "goat beard" that didn't get the approval of the public. Soon after several other teachers spoke up, the whole hall proposed to expel students, which became the mainstream.

    only the old doctor didn't speak, and the man in black didn't seem to ask the old doctor's advice. At this moment, he got up and was about to announce the result, but at this moment, Wang Baole suddenly looked up, his eyes showed sadness and anger.

    "teachers, can you give me a chance to talk?" The reason why he is so cruel is that he planned to recommend another person to the French Army Department to become a special student, but before it was implemented, he was robbed by Wang Baole. At the moment, he was cold snorting and was about to ignore it, but the old doctor Lu beside suddenly opened his mouth.

    "talk about it." In his voice, the middle-aged man in black can only acquiesce in this matter, looking to Wang Baole. I do know that everything in the assessment is fake, but what can I do Wang Baole took a deep breath, his body seemed to be shaking.

    "can I tell all the students that the so-called assessment is actually false! Can I!! " In the last sentence, it was almost a roar. In this turbulent mood, Wang Baole seemed to be furious.

    "once I tell them, the assessment plan of the school must be abandoned. At that time, I will become a sinner of the school. Tell me, what should I do?"

    "in the crisis, I saw my classmates injured and bleeding, but I couldn't tell them that it was a fake. I could only save them. Am I going to save them? Is it wrong? Tell me, what should I do?" The brow of Wang Baole is blue and the whole person is shaking, as if he wants to go mad, as if he wants to let out all the anger in his eyes. Is it wrong to save people? Shouldn't you save people? But if Wang Baole knows that it's all fake, I still think about whether I'll cheat, whether I'll cheat, whether I'll cheat, whether I'll win or lose, whether I'll watch my classmates hurt, cry or die, and I'm still a human being Wang Baole almost roared. All his emotions, at the moment, exploded completely. His voice roared and reverberated in the hall.

    all the teachers are in a daze at the moment. "All you see is that I'm acting, but I'd like to ask you what you can do if you change! Indifference to death, or just like me to save people! " I'm a student of the ethereal Taoist school. I don't say I change the sun and the moon for the blue sky, but I'm wang Baole. I'm also a man who stands tall and upright There are tears in Wang Baole's eyes, and his right hand is raised to pat him severely
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