• After going through such trivia as registering, receiving skills and Taoist robes, when Wang Baole was standing in front of a remote but beautiful building near the top of the mountain, wearing a special red Taoist robe, his mouth was almost on his ear. In front of him is a purple stone gate. With the opening of the stone gate, what is revealed is a cave! This is the legendary cave Wang Baole can't help but be excited. For students, most of them live in lofts like dormitories. Only a few people are qualified to live in the cave on the mountain. After all, rare things are the most precious. A mountain loft can be built more, while the cave is fixed and hard to increase. In addition, there are arrays gathering spirit in the cave, so the spirit is naturally more rich than the loft.

    so even if Wang Baole's cave is not big enough, it can be envied by countless students.

    feeling his distinctive Taoist robe, looking at his cave, Wang Baole saw that there was no one around, and finally couldn't help it. He looked up at the sky and laughed. He just felt high spirited. After walking into the cave, he found that although the cave was not big, there was a building, stretching out the mountain for two feet. Standing there was like standing in the sky, proud of him. He simply sat on the building and looked out Face the sky and the earth, the mood is particularly good, take out a pack of snacks. In this happy mood, Wang Baole is eating snacks while opening the unique martial arts of Qimiao Taoist school. He sees the three big characters on the first page with vigorous strokes!

    ancient martial formula! The ancient martial arts is not only unique to the FA and Bing departments, but also the basic skills that all the students in all departments of the lower house must learn. When freshmen arrive at the school, they will learn the unique knowledge system of their departments after entering each department according to different choices. The ancient martial arts is the basic skills that serve each department and support the knowledge of each department.

    "there are three aspects of ancient martial arts, namely, Qi and blood, body sealing and pulse nourishing!" With the approach of dusk, the wind is much cooler, blowing on Wang Baole, making him very comfortable, and watching the expression of this skill, they also focused a lot.

    until the sunset in the sky is gradually rendered by the night, Wang Baole raised his head and read all the ancient martial arts. Finally, he had a more comprehensive understanding of the ancient martial arts.

    "the power of Qi and blood is infinite, and the accuracy of body sealing is incomparable. Once the pulse is replenished It's the ultimate in body! " Wang Baole took a deep breath. He thought of the picture of Chen Ziheng, a young man in red, beating the mountains. His eyes were slowly burning.

    "if you want to become a federal president, ancient martial arts must be possessed. Besides, cultivating ancient martial arts can also lose weight. It's like counting with one stroke." In the excitement, Wang Baole will begin to try to practice, but he looks at it, his right hand rises in his arms, and he takes out a half black mask. When he looked at the mask, Wang Baole thought. He couldn't forget that in the examination, the mask became unreal and fuzzy words appeared on it. It's a treasure Wang Baole's heart beat faster. His parents are engaged in archaeology related work. Therefore, the most common thing in the family is these things that look broken.

    and Wang Baole once imagined that there might be treasures hidden in these antiques, but he played with almost every antiques from small to large, even secretly dripping blood, and saw no unusual place. At the moment, holding the mask, he studied it carefully. Apart from the cold material, he still didn't think of anything extraordinary. Finally, he thought of the changes of the mask only under the special environment of assessment, so his eyes lit up. It seems that it's necessary for me to borrow a similar magic weapon to come back. Maybe I can unlock the secret of this mask With this idea in mind, it's too late. Some sleepy Wang Baole returns to the cave. He cleans up his luggage beautifully. There are not many clothes in his luggage, which are mainly strange things, even a big loudspeaker.

    "all these are official treasures I collected. If I can't find the luggage in my dream, I don't have to work so hard!" Looking at the treasures in the luggage, Wang Baole yawned in pride. He was about to go to sleep when he suddenly sat up with a sharp body.

    "you can't be complacent. There are many allusions in the Autobiography of senior officials. Anyone who is complacent and forgets his form is always happy and sad!" Wang Baole took a breath, suppressed his excitement, began to ponder the teachers' eyes and goatee's attitude during the day, and summed up his special identity. The answer was ready to come out.

    "they must have found something..." When Wang Baole came here, he felt cold in his heart, and his back bone was cold.

    "I must keep a low profile in this period of time. I'd better not have a sense of existence Otherwise, it's not good! " Wang Baole is worried. He doesn't want to lose everything now. When he has a headache at the moment, he can't help feeling that he is suffering from a loss because he doesn't rely on it. I'm going to find a way to get back to the mountain In a flash of time, three days later, with the release of the list of all departments, the students of this year have also lived in their own department peak. After the discipline and rules of the school are mastered by the new students, the life of the Taoist school will soon be on the right track. In these three days, Wang Baole was very low-key, and began to try to cultivate the ancient martial arts. He almost didn't walk out of the door of the cave, for fear of being noticed by goatee. He thought that he would be much safer if he survived this time. It's just that although his wishes are good, with the stability of the students and their coming road, the events in the District Assessment began to spread on the spiritual network of Daoyuan, and quickly became a topic. After all, there are a lot of attractive rookies in the zone assessment of nearly 100 hot-air balloon airships and nearly 100 simultaneous rounds.

    "have you heard that this time, among the freshmen from Tianyun City, there is a man named Lu Jingnan, who arranged a mechanism to kill the lizard, which is extremely powerful!"

    "what's this? I heard that in the assessment of Phoenix, there was a strong man named Chen Ziheng, who was only a little short of the second-class seal state of ancient martial arts. He was also sent olive branches by eight departments at the same time, making a great reputation!" Gradually, more and more people were brought forward as the departments of the Commons discussed on the spiritual Internet.

    "Chen Yameng is the most remarkable one this time. It's said that this woman is born with spirit and can produce 80% pure spirit stone. She could have entered the first Bailu Taoist temple in the Federation, but she was dug up by our ethereal Taoist temple at a great cost!"

    "Chen Yamun really has something extraordinary, but there is another person who is comparable to him and even more superior. He is extraordinary. It is said that he is born with the ink star eye. Every time he opens it, everything he sees will be slow, and it has been sealed completely. His identity is even more mysterious. It is said that he is one of the five heavenly families and has been determined by the authority of the war force department!" In this kind of uproar, one rookie after another has a lot of fame. Even some old students are under great pressure after hearing about it. Wang Baole even wants to keep a low profile here, but his identity and performance in the assessment are as dazzling as stars under the spread of hundreds of students in the Phoenix assessment.

    "there are only two special students in this class, one is Zhuo Yifan, and the other is It's Wang Baole! Speaking of Wang Baole, he has noble morality. He is upright and selfless. To save his classmates, when the red bone and white baby snake appeared, he still rushed into the sea of snakes. In order to give the students a chance to survive, he used to feed the wolf with his body. He once said that life is a Taoist and death is a soul shaking words of the Taoist school!! " In addition, when Wang Baole finally saw the ghost bear, even if he was seriously injured and weak, he struggled to climb over and tried to lead the ghost bear away and save all the students with his own body These stories were spread rapidly, which made Wang Baole famous and spread all over the lower house island. It's just Wang Baole at the moment. Through his voice ring, when he saw all this on the lingwang.com, he not only felt his heart was cold, but also his blood was cold. He just felt that the disaster was coming, so he quickly sent a notice. Hello everyone, I'm wang Baole. You misunderstood me. In fact, I was afraid at that time. The reason why I rushed to the snakes was not that I was selfless, but because I thought Zhou Xiaoya was very beautiful. I wanted to pursue her, really It was Wang Baole's painful words. He dared not raise his voice if he wanted to cool everyone down. However, he didn't expect that this notice was posted and quickly recognized and replied by numerous students. In this case, mainly female students are expressing their attitudes one after another, saying that he is a man! A
    Wang Baole only felt that his eyes were turning black and his tears were running down. He just wanted to cool them down. Unexpectedly, he increased the temperature, so he sent another notice. In fact, I stopped the wolves because I was poisoned and knew that I was going to die, so I wanted to die happily. It wasn't me who saved people at last. All the credit was Chen Ziheng's After writing these, Wang Baole just wanted to relax. He felt that he had put the credit on Chen Ziheng. He should be able to be attracted and cool down.

    just Wang Baole's tone lasted only a little while. Chen Ziheng even posted a public notice saying that Wang Baole is not as good as me when it comes to martial arts, but I am not as good as him when it comes to Yingwu's strength and selflessness! After all, Chen Ziheng is also a famous person. His words are full of weight, which immediately makes countless people argue with each other, making Wang Baole's plan to cool down collapse again and heat up again. For a while, Chen Ya's dream was overwhelmed. All these made Wang Baole hate to be killed. He was desperate, tears came down, and his heart was shaking.

    "God, you're going to kill me. Let me go. I'm not right if I'm wrong!" He was in tears, biting his teeth hard and sending another post.

    "don't pay attention to me. I'm an ordinary fat man. I don't have any advantages. I'm greedy. I'm lecherous. I'm greedy. I'm selfish. I've only passed the examination here. The purity of the spirit stone is only a little more than 50%. I'm really an ordinary person!" Wang Baole himself felt that this time he was completely black. Some things he didn't have, as long as they were bad, he joined in. It was just the development of things that made him lose his chin again. It was Liu Daobin who stood up this time, leaving behind a speech that made countless students have unprecedented resonance and recognition!

    "Chen Yameng is powerful, and Zhuo Yifan is even more outstanding. But they are the new star's arrogant children. They have more than enough to save people or complete the assessment, but Wang Baole is not. He is saving people with his life,
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