• The Qimiao Daoyuan is very large, especially the Xiayuan Island, which can accommodate 100000 people to study and live in. At the moment, in the southeast of the Xiayuan Island, where the airport is located, there are dozens of huge hot-air balloon airships. There are countless students, curious and excited, walking down from the airship with their luggage. Although there is noise, there are more laughter. These people are all students from different regions of the Federation who have been admitted to the ethereal Taoist school. On the board of one of the airships, Wang Baole and others from Phoenix were also very excited with their luggage. Looking at the blue sky and white clouds, looking at the mountains of various departments in the distance, they felt refreshed and full of unspeakable expectations. However, compared with their vigor and vitality, the old doctors and teachers who came out of the main Pavilion at the moment all looked slightly strange. Now they are very familiar with the group of students coming from Phoenix. The most familiar thing is Wang Baole, so I have to look at Wang Baole more. The scene was immediately noticed by Wang Baole, who was used to observing words and expressions. Although he was in the crowd, he always cared about his assessment results and always paid attention to where the teacher was, which showed that something was wrong.

    "they all look at me Is my assessment result too adverse? Ha ha, it must be so. " Wang Baole was immediately excited, but there were some doubts in the excitement. The reason was that there was a goatee in the group of teachers. When his eyes fell on himself, it seemed that he had some indignation.

    "what's the situation..." Wang Baole was suspicious. He thought that there was something wrong with the goatee. Before he could figure it out in detail, all the teachers, including the goatee, came straight to them.

    "Chen Ziheng, come here, I'll take you to sign up." As we approached, some of the teachers walked quickly and opened their mouth to the boy in red. After nodding his head, Chen Ziheng was taken away directly by the teacher. He could see what they were saying as they walked. The teacher seemed to recommend. Seeing this, Wang Baole's eyes suddenly brightened, and his breath was a little short. He guessed that the achievements in the assessment had begun to work at this moment.

    so the heart beat faster, with expectation, and stood up, afraid that those teachers could not see themselves.

    "Xu Liushan, you and I will go." "Liu Daobin, you come." Soon, these teachers opened their mouths one after another, shouting out one name after another, and called them all away. In this scene, everyone's heart began to beat faster. They also saw that the people who were named had a good performance in the assessment and were valued by the teachers, so they took them away in advance and threw olive branches for their department.

    Wang Baole is very proud. Although he didn't hear the teacher calling his name, he is very confident about the assessment results. He thinks that the more behind, the better he should be. Even he has a strong expectation on which teacher values himself.

    "if all the teachers like me, what should I do? Ouch, I have a headache. I don't know how to choose." Wang Baole's heart was filled with Tao Ran, his head held high, but he waited for a long time, and saw that even Du min had been called away. Hundreds of students around him were only about 80% left at the moment, and he was a little confused.

    "no way..." Wang Baole wiped the sweat on his forehead and it was hard to calm down.

    especially seeing those teachers taking people away, there is not much left until all the teachers are almost gone. Even the old doctor saw Wang Baole and left. Only when the goatee with the face like other people owed him money was still there, Wang Baole thought it was a little dark. At this time, the ugly goatee's chest heaved a few times. It seemed very reluctant and helpless. It was like the road you chose. Even if it was hard to go, you had to go on and spread out words.

    "Wang Baole, not yet!" This sentence seems to be squeezed out of the teeth. After that, the goatee turned around and got off the airship. A
    Wang Baole was immediately excited. He just felt that the voice was like the sound of nature. He didn't have time to think about the other side's face. He hurried away and followed behind the goatee. It seemed that if the other side had luggage, he would not hesitate to help lift it. With their departure, the rest of the disciples were taken off the ship. Those students who showed no special features will choose their own departments in the next few days.

    at the moment, outside the airport of the lower courtyard Island, goatee is carrying his hands on his back, his face is dark, and he is marching forward. In front of him, there are some small airships docking at the moment, and some former young students in blue school uniform are waiting excitedly. They often see that there are good-looking girls, so they immediately run to ask for help. When they see goatee coming, They rushed to be respectful.

    "teacher, please walk slowly. What department are we in?" Wang Baole's breathless voice came from behind the goatee. It is true that the goatee is an expert. He walked too fast. Wang Baole, who did not practice ancient martial arts, could not keep up with him.

    goatee is depressed in the bottom of his heart. He takes out a purple jade pendant from his arms and directly throws it to Wang Baole, who runs over, and hums.

    "I went to the French Army Department to report. I have something else to do. Let's go first." He walked into a small airship and left at full speed. He was as depressed as Wang Baole who caught the jade pendant. He also saw that the other side's attitude was wrong.

    "did I perform so well to help Alas, what is the French Army Department? " Wang Baole clapped his forehead and stood there with his jade plate. He was full of anguish and unconsciously took out a package of snacks from his luggage and ate them. In his opinion, the goatee is too unreliable. At this moment, he has no choice but to ask for information. On the day of the new student's arrival, there are a large number of people in the lower courtyard island of the ethereal Daoyuan, and the airport is even more crowded. It's even hotter in the hot weather. Although there is a lake wind, it can bring heat waves. Standing there, Wang Baole wipes his sweat and sees someone selling ice water in the distance, which is called ice Lingshui. Although the price is expensive, Wang Baole is the kind of person who will not be aggrieved. Even if it is expensive, he has bought several bottles and packed them in his luggage bag.

    while drinking cold ice water, Wang Baole looked around and watched the bustling airport around, and even saw that someone was broadcasting the picture of freshmen entering school, vaguely hearing the voice of asking for gifts.

    Wang Baole did not spend too much time in search and inquiry, so he got some understanding of the FA Bing Department. His heart was burning and he sat on the small airship to FA Bing Feng. After arriving at fabingfeng, there are as many people here as there are. Some come here to visit for options, some come here to make a decision and submit their application for admission. There are also many volunteer senior and senior students in the French military department who are responsible for reception and leading the way for the coming freshmen. Looking at them, they are crowded and boisterous. It looks like a weapon, but it's different. It can refine everything in the world as a treasure As the crowd moved forward, Wang Baole listened to the passionate introduction of a Ma Lian senior sister in front of him. He was very serious, which was very consistent with the introduction of the French department he had heard before, which made him feel that it sounded very powerful.

    "the law and military department of our ethereal Taoist school is also the best in the whole Federation. No matter it's law, war or civilian weapons, it's proficient. And every graduate is a hot generation outside." Walking in front of Ma Lian, she is leading the way and introducing. Her voice is always excited. She seems to be very proud of her department.

    "you are just in the sky. You should have noticed the three huge platforms of our Fabian peak. There are three schools, namely, Lingshi school, palindrome school and Lingbi school!"

    "different from your basic school in your hometown, the life of Taoist school is more free. Each department will have a fixed school. No matter the new students or the old students, they can go in to study at any time. As for the rest of the time, they are mostly self-cultivation. Although there is an assessment every year, it is not particularly strict, only the entrance examination is the key."

    "if you can't be admitted to the upper house in five years, you can only leave the Taoist school." Wang Baole was more attentive when he heard that the elder sister in front of him talked about the assessment. So were all the people around him. However, you don't have to be too nervous. It's still too far away for you to enter the upper house. OK, this is where the freshmen apply for admission to the Department Seeing that all the people were looking at themselves, the elder sister who was in charge of leading the way smiled and stopped at a ten foot stone mirror on the hillside. The stone mirror is full of antiquity. It stands there and sends out the vicissitudes of life. There is a vein like a rune on it, which looks very good.

    "you can go down the mountain by branding your application card. For three days at most, the Commons will have a notice to inform the admission list of each university department." Ma Lian wiped her sweat, some dry mouth, stood aside and looked at the students in front of her. She felt like seeing her back then. "I don't know how many of these people can be admitted, but I don't think there will be many. After all, only 4000 people can be admitted in each term." When the girl sighed, Wang Baole immediately noticed the action of wiping her sweat, ran to her quickly, took out a cool bottle of ice Lingshui from her luggage and handed it to her.

    "on behalf of all our freshmen, I'd like to thank you for your explanation. In this hot day, please drink your saliva." Wang Baole's simple and honest expression and sincere voice made Ma Lian look at the little fat man in front of her for a few times, and suddenly she had a good feeling. It's really that she received and guided the new students so many times, and so considerate people are still rare.

    other students have also looked around, after all, Wang Baole's words are not only about himself, but on behalf of all of them, which makes them have a good impression of Wang Baole here. Seeing a bottle of ice water, Wang Baole gains so many good feelings. He is proud of his potential as an official.

    soon, the students around approached the stone mirror one by one with expectation, took out a white jade card, put it on the stone mirror, the jade card shed light, and the branding was completed. Each of them has a jade card, which is issued by the accompanying teacher after arriving at the lower house Island, but Wang Baole at the moment looks at the jade card in everyone's hands, which is kind of silly.

    "why didn't I..." Wang Baole hurriedly inquired about the origin of the goatee and thought it was too unreliable.

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