• In Wang Baole's sad and angry passing out, in the real world sky, the red hot-air balloon airship, with extremely fast speed, has approached the sphere of influence of the ethereal city. It's just now, in the main Pavilion of the airship, there's a lot of noise. "

    " this is Wang Baole. I want it from the Dandao department! "

    "don't fight with me to rob people from the martial arts department. He's mine!" Almost all the teachers, one by one, blushed and had thick necks. Sometimes they slapped the table and quarreled. They made a lot of noise for Wang Baole's department after he entered the Taoism Academy. All of these are due to Wang Baole's sacrifice as a human being, which shocked them so much that their flesh and blood were blurred, which made them unable to stand still, and every word seemed to be thundering into their minds, especially the last one, which made them set off violent waves in their hearts!

    "life is the person of the Taoist school, and death is the soul of the Taoist school!" The heroism and loyalty expressed in this sentence are the most desired seed students of Daoist school and various departments. How can they give up to others. In this competition, there is only a middle-aged teacher with a thin body and a goatee. Seeing that he can't fight for it, he takes out the identity jade card in his arms with red eyes, and the spirit force rushes in and roars loudly. It takes five years for me to have the authority to recruit Wang Baole as a special student of my law department. Who dare to compete with me As soon as his words came out, the jade card in his hand was shining. In an instant, after the name of Wang Baole on the crystal, there were three words of FA Bing Department. The scene of

    surprised many people. We need to know that the authority is too precious. Generally speaking, when students enter the Daoist school, it is the teachers who review whether the students who want to enter their own department pass the examination. Only a few students will actively give olive branch. However, this choice is two-way, only Every department has its own authority, which can only be used once in five years. The function of this authority is to directly define a student as a person of its own department, with almost luxurious treatment and resources. At the same time, it also has some privileges, which are far superior to that of its peers, and almost like a beggar. Because of this, most of these permissions are given to students with special backgrounds or excellent to the extreme, which is extremely precious. Although Wang Baole is excellent, in other people's eyes, it is inevitable to be hesitant to use such authority. At the moment, he can't help but smile and shake his head. Seeing the expression of other colleagues, goatee Hu felt that he was right this time. Secretly, with Wang Baole's heart, after a good training, his loyalty to the French Army Department will surely reach the level of death.

    "no matter how good your qualification is, you may also betray. Only if you are sincere and loyal, you can't change thousands of money. Only if you are such a disciple at the critical moment, you can stand up and cultivate!" When he thought about it, he was proud of it. He looked aside and frowned all the time. He stared at the thoughtful old doctor of Wang Baole's materials.

    "Zhang Yuan, our law department has used the authority to decide Wang Baole. Don't be partial."

    "don't worry, he's your man, as long as you don't regret it." The old doctor continued to look down at the file in front of him and opened his mouth lightly. For the Qimiao Taoist school, every student admitted to it will have a very detailed information about each other from small to large. At this moment, he looked at a sentence in the information, and his eyes gradually sharpened. "Zhang Yuan, you..." When he heard the words, the other teachers were stunned.

    "once I lost weight for a month, I didn't eat or drink, I was crazy about sports, but I gained weight instead of losing it It's impossible for a normal person to be here. " The old doctor sneered, and turned out the signs of all the students in the dreamland maze. His eyes fell on Wang Baole's weight change data after entering the examination.

    "if I don't make a wrong judgment, Wang Baole has long known that this is a false world and that he is cheating when he knows the assessment!" The old doctor raised his head and cut off the railway.

    "impossible..." The goatee took a breath and covered his chest, only feeling a little dark in front of him.

    "if you cheat, just test it." The old doctor looked at Wang Baole in the crystal picture, raised his right hand to control the maze, and suddenly waved. br > br > at once, in the world of maze, the people who have just been devastated for the rest of their lives have not waited for the joy to dissipate. Suddenly, there is a roar of the sky. From the jungle in front of them, it is like a storm, sweeping directly. The big trees were destroyed by the sound waves directly. When they burst, the earth trembled. A giant bear with a body size of ten feet climbed out of the ground and roared to the sky. The giant bear's body is rotten for the most part, but there are ghosts and fires in its eyes, as if it is immortal. After its appearance, it sends out a pressure that can make everyone tremble, just like the overlord of the jungle, making countless birds and animals tremble.

    "this It can't be, God, it's Ancient bear! "

    "the one who can tear the second layer of the ancient martial arts is comparable to the one who is full of the ancient martial arts Ancient bear! " Liu Daobin's body suddenly softened, and the little white rabbit, Du min and others all showed extreme fear in their eyes. Even the young man in red also had sudden facial changes. The more shocking thing is that the ghost bear came straight to the crowd after roaring. Every step of the way, most of them were shaking and powerful.

    "run!" I don't know who shouted, the people instinctively quickly dispersed, even the boy in red also gave up his hand pale, and quickly retreated. Only Wang Baole has just been awakened from his lethargy. At this moment, after seeing the cruel bear, his eyes suddenly brighten, and his weak body and chest suddenly rise and fall.

    "there are actually additional points!!" In his excitement, Wang Baole struggled to climb to the giant bear on the ground and shouted.

    "let's go, students, leave me alone. I'll help you to delay!" Wang Baole said, reluctantly picked up a stone and threw it at the approaching giant bear.

    "old bear, come to eat me. As long as I have a breath, Wang Baole will not allow you to hurt my classmates!" Wang Baole roared. Those students who escaped from school were moved to the extent that they couldn't do more. Many girls cried. The giant bear's magnificent body rushed to Wang Baole. It seemed that he would tear his life apart in the next moment. Now in the main Pavilion of the airship, the old doctor sneered.

    "see, this kid's eyes are excited. Who of you has ever seen someone die with such an expression, afraid of not dying?"

    looking at Wang Baole in the picture, other teachers have strange looks. If you look at Wang Baole in a normal way, it's Yingwu. But if you look at Wang Baole in a skeptical way, its flaws are obvious. "This kid is shameless!" "

    " cheating is enough. It's too much! " The teachers in the main Pavilion can't see any more. As for the goatee, they are biting their teeth and regretting. Their hearts are dripping with blood. They just need to beat their chests.

    "God, my permission!!" In the end, the old doctor waved his right hand again, and all the pictures in the crystal were immediately fragmented and disappeared.

    "OK, it's going to land in Daoyuan. The assessment is over!" When the dream maze collapsed, the last picture Wang Baole saw was that the giant bear covered the sky, and then, together with the world, turned into turbid and dark. When he regained consciousness, he felt a shock all over his body, which seemed to be a strong push. After opening his eyes, he found that he had returned to the spirit cultivation room of the airship, and there were people's voices and incredible exclamations in his ears.

    "this We're not in the chiyun rainforest, how could it be like this! "

    "did I dream, or did everyone dream!" He blinked, pretended to be at a loss and shouted loudly.

    "go away, leave me alone, old bear, I'll fight with you!" The voice of him is too loud, and it's hard for him to be unnoticed because of his martial arts in the maze. At the moment, with the shout out, there are countless eyes immediately, which directly fall on Wang Baole, especially his classmates, are even more excited. It's brother Wang Baole

    "good brother!" "Wang Baole, since then, you are my big brother!" In the eyes, there are Du min and the little white rabbit, who have been killed for the rest of their lives. When they look at Wang Baole at the moment, they are even different, especially the little white rabbit, whose eyes are full of tears. It seems that if she is not wearing a magnetic spirit suit and is far away, she will rush to the past. All these made Wang Baole very proud. When he was thinking about how to harvest people's worship, the spiritual chamber echoed the majestic voice.

    "students, you are the lower part of the Taoist school, and all that you have just done is the assessment of the freshmen in my ethereal Taoist school. Your scores are counted into credits Finally, welcome to Qimiao Taoist temple! " It may be that the majestic voice can calm people's hearts, or it may be that the students in the spiritual practice room have slowed down from their previous dreams to wake up and look out of the window. Although Wang Baole has some regrets, he can't hide his expectation. When he looks out of the window, he immediately sees that there is a huge lake on the ground below. The lake looks like a mirror on the ground, reflecting the color of the sky. It's wonderful. There are three islands in the lake. They are arranged in a line. You can see many boats running between the islands. Even as they are close to each other, you can see ancient buildings and countless figures everywhere on the island. The number of people in the most peripheral islands is not less than tens of thousands, just like a small city.

    "our ethereal Taoism academy, once known as the Academy, was founded in 2348 A.D. after the federal era, we participated in the fierce animal war, entered the Lingyuan era, and changed to Taoism. So far, we have more than 700 years of history, cultivated countless Tianjiao, heroes, and made significant contributions to the process of civilization. The last federal president was graduated from the ethereal Taoism Academy." The lake you see is called Qingmu lake. It's called Qingmu lake. It's like a young man with a happy mind

    "as for the three islands, they are Tianxing Island, which is the core of Daoyuan, Shangyuan island of Zhenxi Daotu, and Xiayuan island of you and other students. They respectively inherit the tenet that the upper part of our ethereal Daoyuan is changing the sky for the sun and the moon, and the lower part is the peace and security of the people!" The majestic voice reverberated in the spiritual cultivation room, which contained a sense of pride and filled the hearts of all people, making all people, including Wang Baole, be shaken by the momentum and foundation of the ethereal Taoist temple at this moment.
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