• When Wang Baole woke up, in this dreamland maze, a day had passed. The venom of the snakes was not as violent as people thought. Some of the students who accompanied him were good at treating snake venom, which made Wang Baole's good wish fail. Fortunately, with his recovery, Zhou Xiaoya, a little white rabbit, took good care of him, and Du min rarely fought with him, which made Wang Baole feel comfortable, and began to ponder his performance of saving people, which would surely be seen by the teachers. If he wanted to come from his own assessment, he should be able to add many points. The only thing that depressed him was that in the next few days, the team went through the jungle to look for other students. Liu Daobin didn't know what medicine he had taken. Maybe it was because of his guilt, so he met some small crises along the way. He always rushed to take people with him and quickly resolved them, which made Wang Baole, who was already weak, have no chance to express himself. However, there is no event as big as the snake group, which makes Wang Baole feel that he has all-around abilities, but has no place to use them. He is full of depression and can only watch Liu Daobin constantly brush the assessment scores there.

    "if Liu Daobin goes on like this, maybe the hidden assessment score will be higher than me!" At the end of the day, Wang Baole was worried, but the mood didn't last long. The next night, when they camped under a mountain, they heard a shrill howl of wolves. It seems that the sound can penetrate the rocks and make everyone's ear bones tingle. When they wake up suddenly and look at each other, they immediately see that in front of them, a pair of blood red eyes are shining in the endless jungle. The countless fierce wolves in the moonlight are surrounded by fans. Some of these wolves are flying on the ground, some are jumping on the branches, howling in their mouths, bloodthirsty in their eyes, making people look different! In this scene, it seems to form a repressed gale, which directly changes the complexion of Liu Daobin and other people, with cold sweat dripping and scalp numbing.

    "run, there are wolves!"

    "it's a ghost wolf, countless ghost wolves!". After experiencing the snake group incident, Du min seemed to grow up a lot at once. He immediately shouted to let people enter the front line of the sky and use the mountain cutting there to stop the wolves. In the face of the wolves, Liu Daobin did not retreat immediately, but summoned his classmates to stop the delay. In panic, the little white rabbit supports Wang Baole. Although he is shivering, he runs with the crowd to the sky. But Wang Baole is in a hurry. From Wang Baole's point of view, it's just that some small points were given to Liu Daobin. Now it's not easy to meet such a big chance. How can he let Liu Daobin take them away? His eyes seem to be lit by a torch in an instant. His body suddenly regained its power and his steps suddenly.

    "Xiaoya Xuemei, you go first!" After Wang Baole finished, he ran straight to Liu Daobin, grabbed Liu Daobin, and when the other party was still stunned, he directly threw him in the direction of a line of sky and roared.

    "brother, you withdraw first, here is me!" ) Liu Daobin was completely confused. Before he could react, he saw Wang Baole rush to the wolves without hesitation.

    "let's go. I'll cover!" At this moment, Wang Baole, that kind of justice and sanctity, erupted again. When the little white rabbit in the distance looked at Wang Baole, his heart was shaken again. There are also some male students, who have already entered the front line of the sky. They can be encouraged by Wang Baole. Their blood is surging up and they turn around one after another. They are going to follow his footsteps, but they are kicked back by Wang Baole, who has a red eye.

    "good brothers, you go first!" Wang Baole is just and awe inspiring. He shouts loudly, but his heart is on guard for fear that others will snatch points from him! In his opinion, these wolves, no matter how ferocious they look, are all assessment scores. As for the students who were kicked back to the first day by him, at the moment, their bodies were shaking wildly, and their eyes were moving. It was in their eyes that Wang Baole, the figure who sacrificed himself to be a human being, was tall and powerful, and they could not help it. So many of them rushed up again. A
    Wang Baole was in a hurry. He hurriedly went up and pushed back one by one. He was afraid that those people would come up again. He simply bit his teeth, raised his hands directly at the entrance of a line of sky, pressed them on the rock wall, and formed a wall of human flesh with his own body. His mouth was even more furious.

    "I'm poisoned by snake venom, and I'm doomed to run away. Don't worry about me, you go quickly." The truth of Wang Baole's words made those people tremble. It was at this time that the wolves suddenly rushed and swarmed into pieces. They howled and scared the gods. They were full of bloodlust. They rushed to Wang Baole. The scene immediately shocked the people who were retreating in the first day. "Wang Baole, come back soon!"

    "God, in order not to become a burden to us, he used blood and meat to block the wolves!" The little white rabbit, Du min and all the students in the first line of the day are all deeply touched. They just feel that Wang Baole's round body at this moment is like a majestic mountain, which becomes the eternal picture in their memory. Liu Daobin was also moved and breathed fast. He was a little angry with Wang Baole before, but now the anger has completely dissipated, leaving only a deep shock. It's Wang Baole at this moment. He raised his hands to support the rock wall and turned it into a figure of a human wall, like giant! After the action, Wang Baole was moved. He felt that if he was a teacher, he would be deeply touched. But he also wanted to add more points, so secretly flattered the college, decided to speak.

    "it's my honor to be admitted to the ethereal Taoist school. Even if I die here, Wang baolesheng is a person of the Taoist school, and death is the soul of the Taoist school!"

    Wang Baole is very satisfied with his words. He doesn't believe those teachers don't move! It's just that Wang Baole, who has not been proud for a long time and wants to score in the assessment, unconsciously ignores one thing, that is Pain! Although this place is formed by illusory dreams, it is no different from the reality in pain. With the roar of the wolves approaching, the crazy bite of the wolf mouth, Wang Baole's figure has been submerged by more than ten fierce wolves in the eyes of people in the distance in a blink of an eye.

    "pain!" Wang Baole shivered and breathed heavily. All he saw was the wolf's mouth, and all he smelled was blood. The sharp pain of the wolf's teeth in the blood made him almost forget that it was false. However, his heart is firm and he doesn't give up at all!

    even if the pain is extreme, even if the whole body is full of blood and flesh, white bones can be seen in many places, even if his consciousness is vague, the sound of biting, howling of wolves, mixed together, is like the death knell. However, Wang Baole has many shortcomings from small to large, but he also has the same extremely obvious characteristics! That is Persistence!

    "it's not easy to encounter such a big score. I can't waste it. I want to add the assessment score to the explosion one time!" Wang Baole roared in his heart. He was about to hold on for a while. But just then, suddenly, behind the students who were crying and retreating from afar, there was a red figure in the jungle, coming in the wind at an amazing speed! The figure in red is a 17-8-year-old boy with short hair. He has a handsome face and a chill in his eyebrows. He is wearing a red strong suit and carrying a big bow. His body is like an old ape flying through the trees. In the coming process, he takes the big bow and shoots arrows suddenly.

    nine arrows in an instant! The speed of arrow is too fast. It makes a sharp sound of breaking the sky, leaps over the crowd, shuttles in a line of days, directly from Wang Baole's head, armpit and other places, roars past. Under the shrill cry of the wolf, nine fierce wolves are shot! The arrow has no empty hair, and the huge impact contained in it is to throw out the body of the nine fierce wolves! The sudden change made all the students who were retreating stunned. Even Wang Baole was stunned. The nine arrows almost flew by his body, which scared him. He hasn't waited for his reaction yet. In the eyes of all the people, the young man in red is faster, as if he has amazing explosive force in his body. At this moment, he follows the arrow and rushes into a line of sky. He jumps in the sky above Wang Baole's head and shoots nine more arrows! The banging sound is amazing. With the scream of nine fierce wolves, the other wolves around are also frightened. Instinctively, they step back. With this opportunity, the young man in red falls down, carries Wang Baole's body directly, and quickly steps back. . Wang Baole is so excited that he can't care about the pain. At the moment, his eyes are all on the wolves that are gradually pulling a long distance. He is in a hurry.

    "brother, let me down, I can still hold on for a while!" At Wang Baole's words, even if the young man in red is indifferent in character, he is moved by it. It's really that Wang Baole's flesh and blood are blurred at this moment, as if he is about to break up.

    "you've done a good job. I'll take care of the rest!" When hearing this sentence, Wang Baole was even more anxious. He felt that the other side seemed to steal his lines. He was about to open his mouth, but the young man took a deep breath and raised his right hand sharply. He could see that the muscle of his right hand expanded in this instant, and it directly expanded for several circles. He touched the big bow in his hand and pulled it hard on the rock wall. It was so fast that he drew it one after another Go more than ten times. The power is so great that the roaring Zhongshan stone cracks, directly collapses and collapses a small half, turning into countless broken stones falling off, and the roaring boom blocks this line of natural life! A
    Wang Baole's eyes widened, looked at the boy's thick arm, and took back all the words he had to say before. It all happened too fast. It was all lightning. Now, with the sky collapsing, the young man in red suddenly supported Wang Baole to return to the crowd. Seeing this scene, all the students in the distance were shocked. Liu Daobin took a breath and lost his voice.

    "the second layer of ancient martial arts, seal up!"

    "I haven't been sealed yet, I'm just the first level of perfection." The boy in red looks at Liu Daobin, puts Wang Baole down and explains.

    "I haven't reached the seal, and I have the power of seal. Thank you for your help Liu Daobin hurriedly came forward to hug his fists and worship. So did other students. Even many girls showed their respect when they looked at the young man in red. For a while, the young man in red was surrounded by others. As for Wang Baole, he is lying on the ground at the moment, looking at all this gloomily. He knows that the other side is good at saving himself, but he still feels that the chance of bonus points has been lost, but he also understands that there is no way.

    "ancient martial arts
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