• At midnight, the moon is bright and the stars are sparse. It's still a pool cloud rain forest, but it's a little more shady at night. Occasionally, we can see some rivers converging with rain, which are bright in the moonlight. But sometimes, the birds and animals sing violently, which makes people uneasy. At this moment, in the corner of the rainforest, beside a river, two girls, tall and lovely, can be seen in the moonlight, though they are in a mess, but they are pure and pure. Among them, the tall girl is nervous and alert. As for the lovely girl, she will take off her underwear and expose her snow-white skin. She is frowning to clean the bruises under her armpit. She is confused and whispers softly.

    "Du min, it's been three days, and I don't know when the rescuers will come, and the food in our camp will soon be insufficient."

    called Du min's high-ranking girl, Wen Yan is silent. For them, the whole life has changed in these three days. Three days ago, she was still a student in the ethereal Taoist school, but three days later, she was trapped here, hiding crisis everywhere. The cloud rain forest looks beautiful, but in fact, the ground is moist and rotten, sometimes showing animal bones, and there are many centipedes and colorful snakes, making people feel numb. In addition, since the Proterozoic, all kinds of fierce animals, like human beings, have been rapidly changing. They are extremely powerful and ferocious, making the wilderness a forbidden area for people. It's just at this moment, when the two girls are bitter, under a big tree not far away from them, there is a little fat man standing there full of resentment, looking up to pee. The little fat man is exactly Wang Baole. He didn't notice the second daughter cleaning the wound, nor did he look at a small flower on the ground, which was originally graceful, and was being swayed by the water

    "Damn it, I, Wang Baole, can see through all the people in the world Unexpectedly, it was calculated by Qimiao Taoist school! "

    "this ethereal Taoist temple is too thief. It's the same as the real performance. In order to let us believe that everyone can see the ship explode!" Wang Baole's heart was full of indignation. These three days, he was shocked. Three days ago, he and his classmates fell asleep unconsciously in the spiritual cultivation room. He was awakened by a huge roar. Before thinking too much, his body was directly pushed out of the airship by an impact force. Fortunately, the spiritual cultivation suit itself had the function of buffering and lightning protection, which barely landed in the rainforest. However, he witnessed the airship collapse and explosion in the thunderstorm. In the next three days, Wang Baole and others were scattered in the jungle. Due to the lack of food, the ferocity of wild animals, the confusion and fear of the future, all the students showed more or less the nature of some characters in this great change. Some were in groups, some were independent, some were decisive and some were cowardly. Although the law of the jungle is too sudden for the students who have just been admitted to the ethereal Taoist school, it seems that the sprouts are stimulated under this great change. No matter greedy or cruel, no matter selfless or kind, they are magnified by nothing.

    "shameless!" Wang Baole murmured from the bottom of his heart that he really thought all these were true three days ago. Even if he met Du min, he was scared to stay in the camp where the other side was. Up to now, three days later, in the state of not eating enough, he found that his weight had miraculously dropped six or seven kilograms through the body measurement function of his voice ring. He was shocked and doubted. It's really Wang Baole's experience that is different. In order to lose weight, he almost didn't eat or drink for months. He was crazy about sports, but somehow, instead of losing weight, he gained three jin! It's impossible for him to lose six or seven Jin in three days! In particular, he recalled that in his autobiography of some high-ranking officials, when he saw someone lamenting the life of the Daoist school, he vaguely mentioned that every once in a while, it seemed that there would be so-called freshmen assessment in the Daoist school. It's hard for Wang Baole to notice this if he doesn't study it thoroughly. Now, though he doesn't know how to make the Taoist temple so lifelike, it's likely that it's a strange thing. He uses the metabolism of normal people as the construction standard, but he's obviously not a normal person He has five points of assurance. All these things in front of him should be illusory. The evidence for him to really determine his own judgment is that Huaili was returned by an old doctor Half a black mask!

    thinking of this, Wang Baole, who is urinating, can't help but look down at his chest, and a sense of unspeakable strangeness rises in his heart. It is clear to him that he put the half black mask in his arms at will before stepping into the spiritual practice room. Later, he was in danger and didn't have time to pay attention to it. Until recently, he accidentally found that although the mask seemed to be normal, it could actually be penetrated by reaching out, as if it could never be touched. It seems that this can simulate the illusory world of all things, and it is difficult to analyze its structure and reshape its essence.

    even with the passage of time, even its external shape began to be illusory, and at the same time, some indistinct handwriting emerged. Although it's hard to see clearly, the change of this mask makes Wang Baole's original grasp of 50% become 10%! According to this way of thinking, if this is an assessment formed by a false disaster, it is not difficult to guess the assessment direction.

    "it is impossible to see who is stronger and who is weaker. After all, everyone has not yet contacted guwu. So the purpose of this assessment is only to investigate the mentality at the time of crisis and perhaps the confidence in the Taoist school." While peeing, Wang Baole's brain kept turning, and he still had several tremors from time to time. The little flower in front of him is more and more disorderly. Wang Baole's breath is a little short. He thinks it's necessary for him to seize this opportunity to give himself points.

    "that's it!" Think of here, Wang Baole shook hard, just want to lift pants, but suddenly, he saw the river not far away. In the moonlight, although Du min is standing there, Wang Baole's eyes have lost her. There is only a lovely girl who is cleaning the wound, as well as the graceful one on her chest Little white rabbit. "There are fierce beasts in human form!" Wang Baole's eyes widened suddenly. He took a breath and his heart beat faster. But just after he saw it, he was wary of Du min around. He seemed to notice. When he saw it, he couldn't help but look at Wang Baole. After a moment's hesitation, his face changed greatly. But before she screamed, Wang Baole stared, raised his pants and shouted first. What do you see? I haven't seen a man pee As soon as his words came out, Du min only felt that all his words were choked by Wang Baole, and she was trembling with anger. She was so big that she only saw Wang Baole, such a bold and shameless person, and could not help but scold him. "
    "you are a man, too!" As soon as this sentence came out, Wang Baole almost became angry and fat. He and Du min, who was poisoned, were all rivals from childhood. They looked at each other badly, but they were both in the same class. Now they were admitted to the Qimiao Taoist school together. Now Wang Baole took a deep breath and hummed.

    "dead flat, chest is not as big as me, you are also a woman!" As soon as Du min heard this, he almost spewed out a mouthful of blood and his forehead was bulging with blue tendons. Just about to rush over, Wang Baole sighed.

    "I am a pure body, which you can see clearly. How can I become a human being in the future?" His face is loveless, he carries his pants, turns around and runs, his heart is pounding and speeding up, his back is full of cold sweat, saying that he's lucky to respond quickly, or he's in danger.

    seeing Wang Baole running away, Du Minxing's eyes were angry and rushed after him. Later, the lovely jiao'e in the river was dazed after hearing the two people's vicious scolding. She didn't realize that she had been taken advantage of by Wang Baole. Seeing Du min running after her, she put on her clothes and blushed quickly. At the moment, with Du min's roar, the peace of the rainforest is broken. In the direction of their temporary camp in the jungle ahead, there are people coming quickly to stop Wang Baole's road. He is a young man in white. He has a torch. He is tall, has a sword eyebrow and stares. He is very conspicuous in the crowd. Many students surround him, obviously he is the leader. In the three days, Liu Daobin united all the people and showed his personal charm. "Wang Baole, what did you do?" Liu Daobin saw Du min's second daughter coming from afar with anger, while Wang Baole, who was chased by them, was wearing pants while walking This strange scene, let Liu Daobin stupefied for a while, he had thought about Du min for a long time, at the moment instinctively disliked Wang Baole.

    "I just peed..." Before Wang Baole finished speaking, a strong scream came from Du Min who was running in the distance. At the moment of the sound, a smell of fishy air filled the place in a blink of an eye, and there was a rusty sound like the tide, which spread rapidly like a storm. At the same time, Liu Daobin and other students changed their looks. Their eyes saw countless snakes in the distance around DuMin and lovely girls, on the ground of the jungle, on the branches! The snakes are colorful, look toxic, and there are too many of them. From a distance, they are like a sea of snakes, which encircles the two of them.

    looking at the countless poisonous snakes around, the two women's faces changed greatly, especially they had opened the mouth full of poisonous teeth, the venom flowed down, making a hissing sound, and the smell was disgusting. When Liu Daobin was shocked, he didn't have time to pay attention to Wang Baole and rushed to Du min directly. Later, some students, with red eyes, rushed forward to rescue.

    all this happened too fast. At the moment when people wanted to come to the rescue, suddenly, on the jungle ground in the distance, there was a frightening baby cry. There was a red line with thick and thin arms. Even in the dark, it was still clear and incomparable. It spread out at an amazing speed and ran straight here. The body leaps out from time to time, showing a pale head, which is not like a snake's head. It is clearly a baby's face, but what is exposed in the eyes is the fury that makes everyone's heart thump.

    "red bone white baby snake!!" Some of the students recognized it. They were in a state of panic. They lost their voice and screamed. They all backed away. The red bone white baby snake is so famous that it was included in the list of the thousand murders of the federal Lingyuan period. Although its body is fragile and its speed is not extreme, its toxicity is so great that a little bit of it will instantly turn into blood, leaving only a red bone
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