• Dear readers, speaking from the bottom of my heart, I feel both excited and sad now. It's exciting that you can get on my car again, and take you to experience the ups and downs in the story in the driving of my charming and charming 00 year old driver. The sad thing is My holiday is gone My heart hurts so much that I need comfort. However, I've had enough rest. I feel energetic all over and full of the power of code words. Many times when I think of a new book, I don't give up. I miss my dearest and dearest reader brothers and sisters, come and hold them.

    then I'll report my life to you in the past few months. During the holiday, I've worked hard to lose weight. Now when I see myself in the mirror, I think, God, he's so handsome, who is he ()
    cough, do you want to know my secret of losing weight alone? At the same time, in this period of time, I am not only resting, but also perfecting the new book ideas. The new book is a great challenge for me, and I have always been thinking about how the fairy tale novels can produce different flowers. In my previous books, I have added many elements and made some achievements, but I always feel that I am not satisfied with them. I think that fairy hero novels can write better, more wonderful and even different background stories. Please highlight the two words of

    background I feel very satisfied with this new book, especially the protagonist in the story. You will know tomorrow how different he is I will also understand how hard I have worked for this book. Now think about it. I've really lost my life to write this book.

    friendly reminder, starting tomorrow, there will be high energy, please fasten your seat belt I'll see you tomorrow at 12 noon!

    finally, I read the eternal external transmission. I sent it in the public wechat before, but some readers haven't read it. I'll send it below.

    almost forgot to shout a sentence, ask for collection!!!! Lose weight secret change collection!!!!! The years are long and fleeting. The eternal spiritual world is shining with stars. The 1.08 million ethnic groups are flourishing and the strong ones come forth in large numbers. They are either too ancient or dominant. They are springing up like mushrooms in their own times, becoming bright stars.

    in particular, the immortal realm is the most special and brightest one among the endless stars. The story of Bai Xiaochun has turned into a legend. With his family and friends leaving the immortal realm many years later, his past has become a myth in the eternal spiritual realm. Even though many years have passed, it is often mentioned by others. The brilliance of that time seems to represent the peak of the eternal spiritual history to some extent. No one knows where Bai Xiaochun has gone, but we can only find some clues from some ancient books left by the Kui emperor. It seems that the recorder of that year told the world that Bai Xiaochun and his relatives and friends went to a place that no one knows and lived a happy life there. The content of this classic is recognized and accepted by the world. Even now, it is still recognized by all people in the eternal spiritual world. At the same time, every generation, there are monks trying to find Bai Xiaochun, trying to pursue the history of that year, to see for themselves, the strongest ever. However, no matter who it is, Bai Xiaochun and his relatives and friends can't be found. At this moment, beyond the eternal spiritual world, it is a vast starry sky, with endless fog. I can't see too far away. I can only see a figure in the dust fog of the starry sky. I'm feeling on the face, even moving forward with some excitement.

    "I finally Finally escaped! " This figure looks like a young man, white, tender and tender, dressed in a white robe. At the moment, it seems very excited, just like flying out of the cage, embracing the free bird "They are too much, I am too real, too honest, otherwise how can I be so bullied!" The young man sighed a long time, but although he seemed to be white and tender, he was smart in his eyes, which made him look not wilting, but definitely not an honest man. He is Bai Xiaochun. In the ancient books, he lived in the immortal realm for a period of time, left with his relatives and friends, and lived a happy life. In fact, it was the same, but after a long time, Bai Xiaochun's temperament was a little unbearable, especially song JunWan, Zhou Zimu, Hou Xiaomei, Gongsun Waner and Du Lingfei's daughters. They had come to let Bai Xiaochun take care of him The degree of pure feeling

    "they don't allow any women to talk to me, let alone I go out. They say that wherever I go, there will be disasters. They are afraid that I will collapse my family Even alchemy is not allowed! "

    "is my Bai Xiaochun that kind of person?"

    "don't let me talk to women, don't let me go out to play, I can't bear it, don't let me practice alchemy, I quit, but all my husband and wife, they still quarrel sometimes, especially they can't coax well, can't make sense, a frame can copy for a thousand years..." Bai Xiaochun is indignant. At the thought of song JunWan and other people arguing about something that doesn't work out, he looks at himself and lets himself choose who looks at the right time. Bai Xiaochun will be mad.

    "it's better to escape and be clean Taking advantage of the new year's Eve, they are busy, I quickly escape to walk In Bai Xiaochun's lament, he has already thought about moving forward at full speed. This time, he must take good care of himself. In his emotion, Bai Xiaochun's speed is very fast. Every step is across time and space. His goal has been selected, which is the origin of the little turtle, Weiyang Taoism. However, at the moment when he was about to step into Weiyang Taoism, Bai Xiaochun suddenly looked at the right side, as if he had found something in the fog. The breath of step four No, there is a rhyme of the fifth step on it! " Bai Xiaochun blinked, his right hand raised in the boundless, and a long rainbow flew from the fog in a flash, and fell directly into Bai Xiaochun's hand. That is a bottle, to be exact, a drifting bottle.

    I don't know how long I drifted in the starry sky until Bai Xiaochun noticed it and took it.

    "interesting." Bai Xiaochun blinked, looked at the drift bottle in his hand, opened it and looked carefully, and found that there was a piece of paper inside. With curiosity, Bai Xiaochun took out the note and opened it to have a look. He was immediately happy. "Who wrote this? To be rich?" When Bai Xiaochun was laughing, he suddenly looked a little bit. There was a little cause and effect rising on the note, as if he wanted to be connected with Bai Xiaochun. In this scene, let Bai Xiaochun's eyes open wide, and immediately cut off the cause and effect with his left hand.

    "this guy is too bad. Who is this? His way actually contains cause and effect. As long as you meet this note, you will be invisible as writing a note to him, and owe him money in cause and effect!!" Bai Xiaochun looks strange. After reading the note, he snorts.

    "I'm crazy about money!" After a murmur, Bai Xiaochun simply waved his hand. On this note, with his own way, he added a sentence after the rich handwriting.

    "what's good about getting rich? Longevity is the most important! I want to live forever! " After

    I was about to put it into the drift bottle, Bai Xiaochun suddenly hesitated, reopened the note, and added another sentence after her sentence.

    "find only one Taoist partner!" After that, Bai Xiaochun is satisfied. He thinks that if someone sees the bottle and listens to his advice, he will feel that he has told his life experience to the latecomer. He throws the bottle into the boundless sky, and then his body will flash with pride and head straight to the Weiyang road!

    "if you have the chance to meet that poor crazy guy, you must have a good theory with him! How dare I owe him money? I'll give him a mouthful of ecstasy! " ()
    call again, ask for collection!!!! Lose weight secret change collection!!!!!

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